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Splitly Review – Is This Amazon Ranking Tool Any Good?/Profit increase tool amazon
Splitly Review – Is This Amazon Ranking Tool Any Good?/Profit increase tool amazon

Splitly Review – Is This Amazon Ranking Tool Any Good?/Profit increase tool amazon

This is my personal review of Splitly, I’m an experienced Amazon FBA seller so this one comes from experience having used dozens of tools along my journey. Go to the tool …

This is my personal review of Splitly, I’m an experienced Amazon FBA seller so this one comes from experience having used dozens of tools along my journey.
I’m also the type of blogger who tells things how they are. If I feel that Splitly is a scam, then I’ll tell it how it is. No sugar coating here. Plus I’ve got a massive free gift below in PDF format, and you won’t have to opt-in at all. Read on to get the full story…

Splitly review

If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon, you very rarely, or if ever, go past the first 5 pages in the search listings. So as a seller, making sure your products are in these premium space is essential in increasing your exposure and sales.

Splitly Review

Out of the thousands of listings for one just product on Amazon, how do you grab a piece of this prime real estate and stay there? Let’s first understand how the Amazon Ranking Algorithm works.

Looking into Amazon’s Ranking Algorithm

Once the customer has begun their search, Amazon pulls the relevant results from their immense database or “catalog” of product listings then these results are sorted into an order deemed “most relevant” to the searcher.
“Our work starts long before a customer types a query. We’ve been analyzing data, observing past traffic patterns, and indexing the text describing every product in our catalog before the customer has even decided to search”
Marc Delingat – Head of Amazon Search
Their main goal is every action should always maximize the RPC or Revenue Per Customer. They literally track everything, from where your mouse hovers on the screen to what you click. All these data and information is collected so they can optimize their RPC.

Why is this important?

Now that we know how it works, the second question is what influences the A9?
  • Conversion Rate. Based on ranking factors like customer reviews, pricing, and even the quality of pictures.  
  • Relevancy. Factors that account for your product’s relevancy include your title and product description.
  • Customer Satisfaction. Happy and repeat customers equal maximum RPC, and factors include seller feedback and Order Defect Rate.
It’s somewhat of a vicious cycle, more sales means higher Amazon Rankings! But if you don’t show up right away in the search results, customers won’t find you and won’t buy from you. If your Sales Rank is up there, you get even more marketing benefits like a #1 Best-Seller banner on your product listing. So how do you compete with seasoned sellers when the A9 heavily favors those who have successful sales history already?
Splitly dubs itself as “the most powerful suite of optimization tools for Amazon private label sellers” is a split testing tool made for Amazon sellers. Split testing is the process of doing, you name it, tests, between different variants in order to determine which version performs best. It helps sellers and their business maximize profit when dealing with FBA or Fulfillment By Amazon. It offers to automate A/B tests on Amazon, test key listing features, and improve profits.

What does that mean for you?

To put it simply, Splitly offers to maximize your profit by finding the ideal price for your product and niche. It tests how pricing affects your rankings and conversions plus track the total revenue increases due to the split tests. You can run automated tests on new images uploaded, titles and descriptions so can optimize your product listing to get the attention of your most profitable demographic.

Splitly does this by using these tools:

  1. Algorithmic Split Testing
  • Scientifically tests every element of your product listing for increased conversions and profits
  • Tests your pricing, image, titles, features, descriptions and keywords to see what best suits the A9
  1. Automated Pricing Optimization
  • Uses Profit Peak, an artificial intelligence-powered optimization tool
  • Has a continuous private label repricing on autopilot that’s easy to set-up in minutes

Keyword Ranking

  • Monitors your rank for the most important keywords
  • Provides sophisticated reports so you can see how your listings perform over time
Splitly’s data scientists have engineered sophisticated algorithms to quickly and easily improve your listings for increased profits so you can attract more views on you product listings. Imagine it as a toolkit that targets what you need the most to grow your business, improve listing content, optimize pricing or improve ranking. It takes out the manual work of manually testing your listings and changing your pricing. What you don’t want is the doing all the work of uploading pictures, writing the title and product descriptions, only to find out later that they are ineffective and irrelevant to improving your ranking.

This quantitative testing also benefits your pricing strategy. Splitly can suggest adjusting the price to increase the number of sales conversion based on the what would appeal more to customers who have purchased the same or similar product.

Listings need optimisation

The right Product Title and Product Description are also an integral part of the ranking equation. Your wording and the length of the title and description are also tested and compared to what would organically match to searches for that product.
By now most people have probably made up their mind, and if you feel that my experience and this Splitly review has been of value to you, then you’re welcome to use my affiliate link here or go to Splitly directly. And as a gift for simply reading this far, you’ll be receiving a FREE PDF copy of my eBook titled ‘101 Products to Sell on Amazon’ which is available below
If you’ve been struggling to get your ranking up on Amazon and you can’t seem to find out why, despite several experiments, you haven’t improved enough to see a difference in your sales conversion, Splitly may be the solution for you. They offer a free webinar and a setup consultation to get you acquainted with the tool and its many features. The software is automated and it gives you reliable metrics to see how you stack up against your FBA competitors. You will get an overview of what is and isn’t working on your current setup and give you the information you need to make improvements on it.

Splitly Pricing

They offer four subscription plans to choose from, all of which offer the use Profit Peak and A/B Tests and are available for European and US marketplaces. Hopefully my local Australian marketplace is next too!

Splitly Pricing

Starter – At USD$47/month where you can run 3 concurrent tests, 100 keywords
Growth – At USD$97/month where you can run 10 concurrent tests, 500 keywords
Business – At USD$197/month where you can run 25 concurrent tests, 1,000 keywords
Enterprise – At USD$497/month where you can run 100 concurrent tests, 5,000 keywords. Can you imagine being at this level? Insane!
In the highly intense and competitive Amazon marketplace, you need to be able to understand what makes the A9 tick. It is simply not enough to have a great product at a good price. There are small details and factors that you need to take into account when creating your product listing which will add up to an increase in your profit and bottom line.
Splitly is a simple and straightforward tool that can help you, as an Amazon seller, get the most from your product listings to move you to that much-coveted prime real estate the top of Amazon’s search results.

In summary

And now if you feel what I’ve covered is of value to you, then you’re welcome to use my referral link which is here. This is totally optional, but unlike most people, I like to be upfront and honest. As promised previously in my Splitly review, here’s the copy of my eBook with no opt-in required:
This covers an array of different items that you can sell on Amazon, ideal for both beginners and experienced sellers. I wrote it after doing hundreds of hours of personal research, and I hope it’s of value to you! And of course Splitly is the perfect companion for your sellers toolkit.


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